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             We are about positive outcomes...

it all begins a great attitude 

& a great hair day.


When you look good... you feel great! ...

When you don't 

everyone is affected by it in a negative way.

We are here to help, this includes for you,

in a positive way.

Welcome, we are "The Barber Pole" new Soaring Cuts & XYZ salon

"The Barber Pole" idea was first born in 1996...

           The Barber Pole began in 1996 when John Vaccaro & his partner Enzo Morales , had a vision... Between both of them, they had ran several beauty salons during the time when men had just as long hair as women, and the care in services for the time was the same for both sexes. However, in the mid 90's they began to realize that men wanted their own place again. So, The Barber Pole was formed. The first Barber Pole was created in Mount Kisco about 6-8 month's prior to our existence. We were the second Barber Pole that was developed. Also, there was a third Barber Pole in Larchmont but that one was closed unfortunately due to the rent sky-rising us out of existence. Anyway, the two shops ran side by side up to the era of the Corona Virus. Unfortunately, our employers could not keep up both shops (besides they were planning on retiring in a few years), so both of our employers John & Enzo, decided to close Tarrytown Haircutting Parlor and give me the shop due to my loyalty to the business in all the years I worked for him.


           Coming out of this nightmare called, Covid19 (Corona Virus), the very unique "The Barber Pole" of Tarrytown decided to serve more then just a $32.00 & UP haircut so that The Barber Pole of Tarrytown could continue to stand strong. We call ourselves "Soaring Cuts & XYZ" because of the new services, that the very new  salon of "The Barber Pole" will be giving our clients. Welcome aboard as we soar ahead into the future...

Till date...

           I am pleased to announce that, "The Barber Pole" now known as, dba "Soaring Cuts & XYZ" in Tarrytown, still stands with the same existed staff: Kim,  (whom started in 1996 with myself (Patti). Roe, from The Barber Pole in Mt. Kisco (which I had the pleasure to work with) also has joined us at the new existing Barber Pole. We will continue to be dedicated to serve you. In addition, we now have another member to the Barber Pole family as of mid-January 2024. Her name is Marilyn and she is a Licensed Esthetician (Licensed to work in salons & spas, etc.). She will be serving our clients with facials, waxing, make-up; manicures & pedicures; and hair sets (including for bridal parties). You will love her, you will find that she's an asset to our continuous growing business   :))


The Barber Pole is unique and different from most salons. We are all licensed Cosmetologist in a Barber shop setting. To keep our prices, we keep our overhead low, by not having receptionist; etc. Here at the barber pole salon; you will find many additional services for not only for yourself, but also for your family. We are waiting to service you with hair color, straightening, care in hair pieces, etc. In addition, we have an very "basic" mini-manicure & mini-pedicure service to accommodate your need in nailcare.  This nailcare is a "mini-simple easy & out the door" clear-polished manicure/ and or pedicure just for men (women your welcome to this "basic" mini-manicure &/or mini-pedicure, but it will not be a full nailcare service that you may be use too).


Clients, welcome back...We are honored to have you back with us to soar ahead in the future in our new services...


           ...Just letting all our viewers know, once this 'new business of services' take off we will be hiring more staff to help with the new load to serve you more...So, if you know someone ready to soar with us have them contact me. And, from the bottom of our heart, Thank You for staying aboard:))

A special note to all our clients and first timer comers

All of your needs are very important to us and this is why we decided to expand our business for you. We promise to continue to serve you wholeheartedly in everything we do for you as in the past with a little more flare. Flare in services you deserve in your personal care. Why not give our clients an neck or back message after a hard days work. Why not treat yourself for a "Mani'Cure" so you look even more well groomed. Why not wash that grey hair away with a younger look. Why not straighten the hair if you hate the curl? Why not have your services in a private room when your dealing with hardship in health and don't want to be seen having services done? Why not have an appointment if you have to get back to work by a certain time. Yet, why not be able to serve the "Walk-In" when your in desperate of a haircut at an certain unknown time? As you can see, our devotion as always is in serving you...We welcome you aboard on our newest exciting  journey.

P.S. To our clients that has supported us from the beginning.... we could have never done it without You, Thank you for your loyalty and support.

from all of us,

THE BARBER POLE, dba Soaring Cuts & XYZ, Inc.

No matter who cuts my hair I have been pleased

Mike Roman

I have been a client at the Barber Pole since they first opened. These ladies know what they are doing.

Charlie McAllen

Very professional. Very good work. They have hands of an artist.

Nancy Wright​

Our Team

We are a dedicated team ready to serve you...


Licensed Cosmetologist / & Stylist

Hello, I'm Kim. I have worked side by side with Patti from the beginning that the Barber Pole when it first opened in 1996. Shortly after I began working with Antoinette too...I am experience in many of the services Patti is introducing into the business. However, my strengths are mostly with men, women, and children haircuts (by the way, I'm great with children). I will be happy to serve you as always.

Licensed Esthetician
(Facial Specialist)

Hello, I'm Marilyn. I just began with the team here at The Barber Pole. I have been working in my field over 10 years. I am licensed Esthetician (facialist), Also, experience in: waxing, manicure, pedicures type of skin services. I'm excited about this new journey at the Barber Pole. I am happy to serve you with the very talents I am fully equipped with.

Licensed Cosmetologist/  & Stylist

Hello, I'm Roe. I have been an licensed Cosmetologist for 20 plus years. I have performed many of the services that the Barber Pole is soaring into, but my specialties are in mostly men haircuts. 

I worked in the Tarrytown Barber Pole, but my main home was in the Mt. Kisco Barber Pole where I met Patti. I am very excited to provide my knowledge and specialties with you. Come and give me a try you will not be disappointed. 

Oh, Mt. Kisco Barber Pole clients, looking for me since our Covid seperation? 

Call for an appointment today.


Administrative Assistant

Hello, everyone! My name is Chris (Tina to Patti, UGH! lol). I am new at the Barber Pole... I am the one that welcomes you at the door, makes your appointments, and puts in your points for your free stuff 
(but, we dont use the punch card anymore, thats now a old relic on the wall with the rest of the old antiques). 
I love my job because I enjoy helping & talking to people. My main job is to keep you smiling during your visit. 
I am not an licensed Cosmetologist, but I did go to beauty culture school so I do have a little knowledge too. So, you might find that I may voice my opinion at times if you need or request one from me.

I had the pleasure to know Patti practically all my life, so this is an honor to be part of the team that she totally trusts me with.
 I promise, as I get to know you and find out whats in your best interest in your visit. Whether it be in your appearance, 
or if you just want to relax from your hectic day, you will find that "You" is what only matters to me. 
So come out of your closets. We will keep you and your family safe during this difficult time of Covid. 
As Roe and The Barber Pole team states, "You will not be disappointed". 
YOU WONT !!!   :))

Call or just Walk-In Today!

Oh, we do take "walk in's, but as Patti says, "Appointments come first!"
(Shhhh, but I'll squeeze you in, lol)

Patricia Harrison

Owner/ Licensed Cosmetologist / & Stylist

Hello, I'm Patti. I have been in the business for over 34 yrs. working in unisex salons beginning at "Vincent's The Hairdresser" in Yonkers NY; "Town & Country" in Purchase NY, and then eventually landed at, "Adam & Eve" in Yonkers NY where I prior began employment for John Vacarro before working here at, "The Barber Pole" in 1996. After 3 years of employment at Adam & Eve, John Vacarro, my last employer approached me telling me about the Barber Poles that he and a partner of his, Enzo Morales, were going to be opening. I decided to follow their idea's since I agreed with John that men were looking again for their own barbershop places after the "long-haired" 1980's. 

Even though, here at "The Barber Pole", I have not had a chance to show my God-given gifted abilities; I am experienced in so much more. I am not only experienced in hair cutting for men, women, and children, but I'm also experienced in hair coloring, hair pieces (servicing toupees & wigs), and neck & back messaging, and much more.

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